Following the Dream

When it comes to making a big decision, I can often flip back and forth on the direction I want to go. Sometimes I can feel confident and the next hour I could second guess everything I know. I believe every day you wake up is a second chance to try a bit more harder at the goals and dreams you want.

All I know throughout my life is that I wanted to sing and perform. I’ve tried to ditch the dream and be like the rest, but if you try to resist your true passion, it usually comes boomeranging right back at you. That is why I have decided to take the full leap and pursue my dream of singing all the way. Yes, I am terrified and yes I wonder if I am making the right choice. One of things that calms my nerves is to remind myself that I do not want to regret not trying at all later in life.

The unasked questions that I am sure my circle is wondering “What if you fail?” “Maybe you should use your degree and get a corporate job and then go after music?”. These are valid concerns, but I cannot add their fears onto the ones I already have. Fear is the reasons some dreams never come to fruition, fear is the reason why we don’t try things. Sometimes we have to walk in fear and remember that there is always love surrounded by us. Just listen a little harder amongst the other voices.

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