Jamila B. is a Canadian r&b/pop singer who was born to a Nigerian father and a British-Caribbean mother in Hamilton, Ontario. Always a lover of music, Jamila B. began singing and writing at the age of eleven. In a short time, she found herself performing locally and had the opportunity to open for headliners such as The Clipse, Choclair, Derrick Morgan, The Ink Spots, Tanya Stephens, Bobby Valentino, Black Sheep, and Redman.

Jamila B. likes to focus on music that has a positive message and sings about matters of the heart. She has a small but mighty team of producers that are in the midst of creating her sound for her debut album, Love & Confidence, an EP that is a tiny package of motivation that chronicles the ups and downs in life and the sweetness of love.

Determination is what fuels this 5’3″ starlet who also wants the best for her fans, the Tiny Army. Her message to them is to dream hard and live big. When Jamila is not singing, she likes to spend her time at the roller rink or making music videos.